Ep 17 – Fighting Fantasy

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In this episode:

Fighting Fantasy, Fighting Fantasy and more Fighting Fantasy.

Interviews with:

The Warlock of FightingFantasy.com.

The Editor of FightingFantazine.co.uk.

& ‘Out Of The Pit’ with RpgGamerBoy.

With mention of:




Fighting Fantasy Fest.

RpgGamerDad Podcast: Inspiring the family through tabletop gaming.


6 thoughts on “Ep 17 – Fighting Fantasy

    • You are very welcome – thanks for getting touch. Sorry I took a while to approve this comment – for some reason the email alert went to my spam folder – only found it by pure chance.

      Apologies for mangling your name – I got to that point in my recording, realised I hadn’t thought about it and then thought it was a perfect point to shoehorn in an obscure quote from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’



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