Blogpost – Tired of the Killing

Our pink Fate dice arrived today. RpgGamerGirl’s comments:
‘Oh wow, oh wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. That very cool.’


So begins my master plan to get the whole family playing Fate Accelerated. Three sentences to describe your character and you’re pretty much ready to rock. So, Indiana Jones could be:

‘Always gotta have my trusty whip and hat’
‘I hate snakes!’
‘It belongs in a museum!’ (Thanks to Potelbat Podcast for this one)

The timing is perfect. RpgGamerBoy and I played a Dungeons and Dragons boardgame last night that we haven’t played before. The combat was a combination of dull and a bit grim so we went a different direction. RpgGamerBoy ended up persuading the big baddy (a Bugbear) to hand over the hostage (the Sheriff of Holbrook) using some awesome local knowledge and a clever bribe.


So we’re going to focus on cool world-building and storytelling for a bit and avoid too much combat. This, I think, is where Fate Accelerated steps in.


2 thoughts on “Blogpost – Tired of the Killing

  1. I enjoy listening to your show. I always lean toward the role playing side of an rpg not roll playing. Some people are into the gritty combat but without a story and characters you care about (or hate) it seems to me to boil down to just dice rolling.

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    • Awesome – thanks for getting back in touch and glad to hear you are still listening/enjoying. Totally agree about the role-playing. We started off with HeroQuest more in boardgame-mode but, as RpgGamerBoy gets more descriptive I’m getting less comfortable with killing monsters – it’s either boring (just dice-rolling as you say) or a bit grim (graphic description of violence). Neither sit well with gaming with a 5 yr old.

      He does still LOVE HeroQuest so we decided to shake things up a bit and have the baddies be robots in the next game.

      There is a little feature on combat in RPGs coming up in episode 19 next week. Nothing revelatory – just a few musings on different approaches.

      No time to play Fate this weekend, sadly but we’re going to get to it asap.


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