You will find many of the people that inspire us as interviewees on RpgGamerDad Podcast. Check our Podcast Archive for further information.


She is amazing. Pure and simple. Read RpgGamerMum’s blog for a literary angle on what the family has been up to – and to read expanded versions of her podcast features.

Mad Adventurers Society

RpgGamerDad is proud to be a columnist for the Mad Adventurers’ Society. The site is full of cool advice and ideas for gamers. Their ethos is very friendly with a fantastic sense of community. We read it every morning over breakfast.

The Rpg Academy Podcast

RpgGamerDad Podcast is just as proud to be in the Rpg Academy Network. The Rpg Academy Podcast was a major inspiration for us in starting our own show. Their podcast is excellent.

Sharkbone Podcast

Another brilliant podcast on the network. Sharkbone has been one of our favourites for many, many years and the current show-format is an amazing source of gaming inspiration. Very highly recommended.

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