RpgGamerKids RPG

Quick-Start Cover Starflip

We (the whole RpgGamerFamily) have developed a roleplaying game for kids and grown-ups to play together: RpgGamerKids. In it we encourage awesome roleplaying, exciting narrative and amazing creativity.

RpgGamerKids Quick-Start Rules is 22 pages long and includes 7 pre-gen characters and various tokens. Starflip and the Pirates of Pluto is 18 pages and fully illustrated with reward tokens.

Please donate an amount you are comfortable with (we suggest £3+) via the donate button below. We will email you as soon as possible with download links to RpgGamerKids Quick-Start Rules and the starter adventure Starflip and the Pirates of Pluto. All proceeds will fund the continued creative efforts of the RpgGamerFamily and our fabulous illustrator, artist Steve Zieser.

Donate Button

You can hear more about RpgGamerKids in episode 45 of RpgGamerDad Podcast. An actual-play session and interview with artist Steve Zieser feature in episode 47. You can see more of Steve’s work at stevezieserart.com

We will continue to add to the RpgGamerKids range whenever we have time and inspiration! Stay up-to-date by listening to RpgGamerDad Podcast.

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