RpgGamerDad Podcast: Inspiring the family through tabletop gaming.

Our podcast (and related activities) feature gaming advice, grown-up actual play sessions, family actual plays, interviews with game-designers, authors, podcasters, bloggers and other creative geeky types.

We (the whole RpgGamerFamily) have also been busy writing a roleplaying game for kids and grown-ups to play together: RpgGamerKids. We aim to encourage awesome roleplaying and amazing stories.

Most of all though, the RpgGamerFamily enjoys being creative as we play roleplaying games (RPGs). And we encourage you to do the same.

Meet The RpgGamerFamily:


RpgGamerDad: A musician by trade, I love the narrative of RPGs and use this to inspire me to write. I also get a huge kick from inhabiting my in-game characters. I always play to lose.


RpgGamerMum: Prolific writer with a masters degree in medieval European languages. She loves fantasy/sci-fi and telling stories but remains sceptical about joining in with traditional, rules-heavy RPGs. She has her own stand-alone blog called Then All Of A Sudden.


RpgGamerBoy: 6 years old with imagination coming out of his ears. Loves drawing – especially dragons and treasure maps. Loves stories, Skylanders, making epic lego spaceships. Fascinated by RPG worlds but not so keen on restrictive RPG rules.


RpgGamerGirl: 3 years old and bright as a button. Loves ponies, dinosaurs, ponies, dragons, robots, ponies, story dice, princesses and telling epic tales using lots of expression and shouting and increasingly more actual words.

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