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*Green episodes are actual-play sessions or audiobooks*
*Other episodes are magazine-format shows with various features*

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Download Ep 60 – Last Episode Before the Hiatus
Ep 60 Show Notes

Download Ep 59 – Kudrun
Ep 59 Show Notes

Download Ep 58 – Atomic Robo Pt4 Actual Play
Ep 58 Show Notes

Download Ep 57 – Atomic Robo Pt3 Actual Play
Ep 57 Show Notes

Download Ep 56 – Atomic Robo Pt2 Actual Play
Ep 56 Show Notes

Download Ep 55 – Atomic Robo Pt1 Actual Play
Ep 55 Show Notes

Download Ep 54 – Hero Kids  with Justin Halliday!
Ep 54 Show Notes

Download Ep 53 – Bill Slavicsek with Bill Slavicsek!
Ep 53 Show Notes

Download Ep 52 – StarWars Pt4 Actual Play
Ep 52 Show Notes

Download Ep 51 – StarWars Pt3 Actual Play
Ep 51 Show Notes

Download Ep 50 – Happy 1st Birthday with a host of contributors
Ep 50 Show Notes

Download Ep 49 – We Are Mad Adventurers with Mad Adventurers’ Society
Ep 49 Show Notes

Download Ep 48 – StarWars Pt2 Actual Play
Ep 48 Show Notes

Download Ep 47 – RpgGamerKids with Steve Zieser
Ep 47 Show Notes

Download Ep 46 – StarWars Pt1 Actual Play
Ep 46 Show Notes

Download Ep 45 – Bruce Cordell with Bruce Cordell!
Ep 45 Show Notes

Download Ep 44 – The Mystery At Aflinz Pt3 Audiobook
Ep 44 Show Notes

Download Ep 43.5 – Even Our Bonus Episodes Rock! with the amazing Steph
Ep 43.5 Show Notes

Download Ep 43 – Sunny Seattle Special with NpcCast and Ben Robbins
Ep 43 Show Notes

Download Ep 42 – The Mystery At Aflinz Pt2 Audiobook
Ep 42 Show Notes

Download Ep 41 – One Shot! with Kat and James of One-Shot Podcast
Ep 41 Show Notes

Download Ep 40 – The Mystery At Aflinz Pt1 Audiobook
Ep 40 Show Notes

Download Ep 39 – The Thrones And Bones Adventure Hour with Lou Anders
Ep 39 Show Notes

Download Ep 38 – Fate Accelerated, Outer Wastes Pt3 Actual Play
Ep 38 Show notes

Download Ep 37 – The Fate Of Atomic Robo with Mike Olson
Ep 37 Show notes

Download Ep 36 – Fate Accelerated, Outer Wastes Pt2 Actual Play
Ep 36 Show notes

Download Bonus Ep 35.5 – D&D For Kids Lives Again! with Susan J Morris
Ep 35.5 Show notes

Download Ep 35 – Evil Hat Meets Thrones And Bones with Chris Hanrahan
Ep 35 Show notes

Download Ep 34 – Fate Accelerated, Outer Wastes Pt1 Actual Play
Ep 34 Show notes

Download Ep 33.5 – Yes Please, ‘No Thank You, Evil!’ with Shanna Germain
Ep 33.5 Show notes

Download Ep 33 – Knights of the Night with KotN Podcast
Ep 33 Show notes

Download Ep 32 – Cthulhu Gaslight Pt6 Actual Play
Ep 32 Show notes

Download Ep 31 – D&D5e with Susan J Morris and Erin M Evans
Ep 31 Show notes

Download Ep 30 – Cthulhu Gaslight Pt5 Actual Play
Ep 30 Show notes

Download Ep 29 – The D6 Generation with Russ Wakelin
Ep 29 Show notes

Download Ep 28 – Cthulhu Gaslight Pt4 Actual Play
Ep 28 Show notes

Download Ep 27 – Neon Sanctum with the Neon Sanctum Kickstarter
Ep 27 Show notes

Download Ep 26 – Cthulhu Gaslight Pt3 Actual Play
Ep 26 Show notes

Download Ep 25 – The Art Of Horror with Ken Hite
Ep 25 Show notes

Download Ep 24 – Cthulhu Gaslight Pt2 Actual Play
Ep 24 Show notes

Download Ep 23 – Cthulhu and You Too with Robin D Laws & Pelgrane Press
Ep 23 Show notes

Download Ep 22 – Cthulhu Gaslight Pt1 Actual Play
Ep 22 Show notes

Download Ep 21 – Cthulhu and Friends with Cthulhu and Friends Podcast
Ep 21 Show notes

Download Bonus Ep 20.5 – Cthulhu and You with Steph
Ep 20.5 Show notes

Download Ep 20 – Fighting Fantasy ‘The Riddling Reaver’ Pt3 Actual Play
Ep 20 Show notes

Download Ep 19 – Odds and Sods from a World of Dreams with Hypnogoria Podcast
Ep 19 Show notes

Download Ep 18 – Fighting Fantasy ‘The Riddling Reaver’ Pt2 Actual Play
Ep 18 Show notes

Download Ep 17 – Fighting Fantasy FightingFantasy.com & FightingFantazine
Ep 17 Show notes

Download Ep 16 – Fighting Fantasy ‘The Riddling Reaver’ Pt1 Actual Play
Ep 16 Show notes

Download Ep 15 – Why Not Build A World with Ben Robbins
Ep 15 Show notes

Download Ep 14 – Savage Worlds and Mass Effect Pt3 Actual Play
Ep 14 Show notes

Download Ep 13 – New Year, Exciting Times with Sharkbone Podcast
Ep 13 Show notes

Download Ep 12 – Savage Worlds and Mass Effect Pt2 Actual Play
Ep 12 Show notes

Download Ep 11 – Meteor Man Ruins Christmas with Savage Worlds & Mass Effect
Ep 11 Show notes

Download Ep 10 – Savage Worlds and Mass Effect Pt1 Actual Play
Ep 10 Show notes

Download Ep 9 – The Rpg Academy with TheRpgAcademy Podcast
Ep 9 Show notes

Download Ep 8 – Pathfinder ‘Mists of Mwangi’ Pt3 Actual Play
Ep 8 Show notes

Download Ep 7 – The Astounding Adventures of Meteor Man with Microscope RPG
Ep 7 Show notes

Download Ep 6 – Pathfinder ‘Mists of Mwangi’ Pt2 Actual Play
Ep 6 Show notes

Download Ep 5 – HeroQuest and Labyrinth Lord with the Delvers Podcast
Ep 5 Show notes

Download Ep 4 – Pathfinder ‘Mists of Mwangi’ Pt1 Actual Play
Ep 4 Show notes

Download Ep 3 – The Nights Are Drawing In with Dave Harrison of PaizoCon UK
Ep 3 Show notes

Download Ep 2 – The Story Continues with RpgGamerMum
Ep 2 Show notes

Download Ep 1 – Who Is RpgGamerDad & What Is This Podcast All About?
Ep 1 Show notes

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