Blogpost – Fighting Fantasy Competition

Something a bit different – a competition to win a beautiful map designed by Mike Schley and signed by Steve Jackson of Fighting Fantasy fame!

Much like this beautiful map, in fact:

Inkle Studios make Fighting Fantasy apps based on the excellent Sorcery! series of gamebooks. They have just released Part 3 ‘The Seven Serpents’.

They very generously supplied us with a map of the Sorcery! location signed by Steve Jackson himself and we’re running a competition to win it. All you have to do is answer the 2 questions below:

In RpgGamerDad Podcast Episode 17, what video game does Jamie Fry (the Warlock of discuss in the interview with RpgGamerDad?

In RpgGamerDad Podcast Episode 16, what accent does Finnegan the Leprechaun have?

Let us know the answers at and we’ll put your name in a hat – with the winner to be drawn at random on 4th May 2015. Many thanks!


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