Ep 33.5 – Yes Please, ‘No Thank You, Evil!’

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In this episode: ‘No Thank You, Evil!’ a family-friendly RPG and more…

An interview with Shanna Germain the lead designer.

A preview of character generation with RpgGamerBoy,

AND RpgGamerGirl.

With mention of:

Numenera RPG.

The Strange RPG.

Pirates, Princesses and Ponies.

And more.

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RpgGamerDad Podcast: Inspiring the family through tabletop gaming


17 thoughts on “Ep 33.5 – Yes Please, ‘No Thank You, Evil!’

  1. Thanks for heading over. I hope you enjoy it! Great to hear about the recommendations. In theory, I know we have listeners. But the reality of it is a constant surprise to me. We should compare gamer dad notes!

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    • Would love that. My most inspirational gamer dads are cartographer Christopher West, Cypher-master James Walls, video game designer Akil Hooper, and author Peter V. Brett. My kids are 2 years old and 3 weeks old, so I’ve got a bit of time. Still, I’ve picked up some games I should be able to start playing with my daughter by the time she’s 4 (namely, Hero Kids), and I’m hoping NTYE will be one as well.

      James, Chris, Chris’ awesome wife Angela, and I are planning on getting together for a game at GenCon this year. Let me know if you’re going to be there as well; would love to meet you.

      You can email me at rich at richhowardauthor dot com.

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      • Start ’em young! 3 weeks might be pushing it, though. (Congratulations, by the way.) There is an RpgGamerNiece almost exactly the same age as your youngest so we’ll have to swap gaming stories as they get older. Sadly, being UK-based and relatively poor GenCon is out of the question for the foreseeable future. A future gaming tour of the US is definitely on my list of things to do, though – just might take a few years to make it work! Hope you have a great time.


  2. Awesome. Will do! Oddly enough, San Diego is one of only 2 places I’ve been to in the USA – but that was a while ago in the wilderness period when I forgot about gaming and other geeky goodness. Will have to return now that I’m out as a geek.


  3. I truly enjoyed this episode and loved to learn about Monte Cook Games’ new role game for kids. I will definitely check out the KickStarter. Have you heard of Hero Kids? It is another role game targeted for the younger audience and has done really well on DriveThruRPG. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this system. Many thanks!


    • Hi. Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it and many, many thanks for taking the time to post a comment. That’s the 3rd time I’ve heard Hero Kids mentioned in the last couple of days! I didn’t come across it before now so we haven’t played it yet. We’re finishing up a family Fate Accelerated game this weekend – then we’re going to have a proper go at the ‘No Thank You, Evil!’ playtest version. But Hero Kids definitely looks like something we could get into and potentially feature on the podcast in future. Are you involved in it at all?


      • I am in no way involved with the project that is Hero Kids. I have purchased and downloaded a good deal of the material and have been impressed with the quality of the work. I have yet to actually run a game since most of my children are currently involved in my Star Wars Saga Edition Dawn of Defiance campaign. The youngest of my children enjoy our Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space games since this game is easiest to learn and enjoy. If I had to start over once more with introducing them to role games, I might have done so with Hero Kids had I known about it those many years ago. I yet have one child who has not been introduced to our games, my three year old. At his age, ‘No thank you, evil’ might be a good introductory system, however.

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      • Cool – well thanks for flagging it up. I’ll get in touch with them and see what they’re up to right now and definitely try and schedule something for the podcast. Trouble is, there is SO MUCH to do, there is quite a big lag before starting thinking about something to actually having it prepared for broadcast! We’re about to start running a (grown-up) Fate actual play which we recorded in January! (so, started planning in November/December 2014!)

        All that gaming with your kids sounds awesome. Would love to get some of your experiences of Star Wars and Doctor Who – I write a column for MadAdventurers.com on ways to introduce kids to RPG gaming and I’m always looking for other people’s experiences to include – because there’s only so much you can do yourself! If you get a chance, please email me. rpggamerdad at gmail dot com.

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      • Got hold of Hero Kids! I’ve only had time for a quick glance so far but I really like what I’ve seen. Looking forward to trying it out on-mic after we’ve explored No Thank You a little more. Will take a while to filter through to the podcast but I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for the recommendation.

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