Blogpost – An article about ‘No Thank You, Evil!’

Here is our latest article up on Continuing the theme of what the RpgGamerFamily is excited about right now, it’s all about ‘No Thank You, Evil!’ the family-friendly RPG from Monte Cook Games currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Specifically, it’s about our character-creation session featuring:

Smashrocking the Kind Pirate Who Experiments With Science

& Princess Aishey with a Pretty Pony Companion.

Smashrocking RpgGamerGirlPrincess


2 thoughts on “Blogpost – An article about ‘No Thank You, Evil!’

  1. Hi RPG Gamer Dad  Loved the episode with knights of the night regarding tbe discussion on social combat. Tbought you might be interested to know that the song of ice and fire game of thrones rpg has rules for social  combat as an integral part of the game using social attack and intregue  and social defence to plat it out not played a gane of it yet but it appears to be a very good system.

    For a different game can I suggest the end of the world line from FFG a 4 book series of different apocalypse scenarios  book1 is Zombies a la walking dead 28 days later dawn of the dead etc to come are wrath of the gods including cthulhu biblical armagedon and ragnarock followed by alien invasion and rise of the machines. The difference with all these games is you play yourself  and use what you hav around you to survive ( I always knew my old medieval re enactment gear would come in handy one day😁

    Keep up the good work still 5 stars from me

    Robb 1

    Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2


    • Nice! Glad you’re still enjoying it. I haven’t looked at Game Of Thrones RPG yet – just a case of not enough time to do everything! Gave up on the book around the penis-flaying descriptions – I have a low tolerance for reading about torture! – Although I really enjoyed the richness of the world and the quality of the writing. Came across the FFG Zombie Apocalypse via NPCCast’s recent actual play. Sounded like a lot of fun. And I love the idea of playing yourself as a character.

      Reenactment gear? Awesome stuff! What period?


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