Ep 21 – Cthulhu And Friends

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In this episode:

An interview with Cthulhu And Friends Podcast.

Their network GeeklyInc.com.

A HeroQuest Actual Play with RpgGamerBoy.

Some fantastic Kickstarter projects:

Project Bombshell (coming soon).

Shadowcraft the Glamour War.

Order of the Link by shadesofvengeance.com.

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3 thoughts on “Ep 21 – Cthulhu And Friends

    • Hi. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the kind words. I’m a musician (most of the music on the ‘cast was written and produced by me) so I have picked up some fairly decent bits and pieces of equipment over the years – not really high-end studio stuff but decent enough for home recording and certainly up to podcasting! I have a decent condenser mic (Neumann), an adequate condenser (Audio-Technica) which I run into my laptop via an Edirol soundcard. I have a Zoom portable stereo recorder for recording on the fly and I put everything together in Cubase. (Cubase has some haters as a sequencer for music – but I find lots of them have never actually used it!) Got a nice Cthulhu actual-play coming up next Monday – so stay tuned for that if you fancy it (We alternate episodes of magazine-shows with actual play series)


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