Blogpost – RpgGamerDad Podcast Reaches iTunes Top 10

Thanks to Michael of for noticing this. We broke the top 10 rankings for gaming podcasts on iTunes. Huge thanks to all of our listeners – the reason this happened! It’s been a brilliant 5 months here in the RpgGamerFamily Household. We’ve had a blast and look forward to more crazy creative fun in future.

I am personally very excited about RpgGamerGirl’s increased ability to talk! She is showing huge signs of promise with her early story-telling and role-playing. We’re hoping to feature her more and more in the podcast and move on to some more complex role-playing experiences. Watch this space!

Other things we’re excited about – getting to grips with Fate Accelerated – which seems to be an amazing RPG system for moving on to the next level of role-playing with RpgGamerBoy.

We also have some awesome actual plays lined up. Our Cthulhu Gaslight campaign is about to start. Then we have Fate (an all-star podcast feature with The Rpg Academy and Sharkbone podcasts). Also Dread, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings planned. Then there is the small matter of the Neon Sanctum and Cthulhu of the Baskervilles actual plays which we have already recorded. So much awesome to come and so little time to put it all together!

The bottom line is – a million thank yous for tuning in and we look forward to sharing loads of awesome role-playing experiences with you in the future.


4 thoughts on “Blogpost – RpgGamerDad Podcast Reaches iTunes Top 10

  1. Congratulations!
    I have really enjoyed listening to you and your family.
    Any chance we will hear some more of the Savage Worlds Mass Effect adventure? I was really getting into that.
    A recommendation for you to try with your family: “Hobbit Tales” published by Cubicle 7.



    • Hi John, thanks for getting in touch and for the congratulations! Because of this I looked into getting accurate listener stats and was pretty amazed by what I found out! So we must be doing something right. Great to know that all the time and energy we put in goes to good use.

      Regarding Savage Worlds. It is definitely something we have in mind for the future. Could you let me know what you particularly liked about it? That session was actually not very typical for that playgroup – being quite tactical and combat-heavy. They have a lot of sessions of political intrigue with no dice-rolling. So there would be a danger that, if people liked the video-game tactical combat element of it they might be a bit surprised at what came after!

      As for Hobbit Tales – someone mentioned that on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and I had a look. Looks very cool and definitely something we’d be keen to try out. I don’t own a copy but RpgGamerUncle does have ‘The One Ring’. He’s been learning the rules and will be GMing a series of grown-up actual-plays later this year. Hobbit Tales would tie in quite nicely with that.

      Last of all – checked out your blog. You’ve got some serious modelling/painting skills there! Nice one! I’ve given up painting my minis – it just makes me sad how I ruin them.


      • Hi rpggamerdad,

        I think the Mass Effect game appealed to me for the story telling element, and what you described as the cinematic action sequences. Even though it was mostly combat it still had me intrigued as to what would happen next, I think this was helped by some good GM-ing & roleplaying- I must admit, I’ve never actually played Mass Effect the video game.
        Glad to hear that Hobbit Tales could be on your list of things to play, even more excited to hear that your brother wants to run The One Ring. I run a One Ring campaign, sometimes round a real table, sometimes a virtual one on Roll20. Most of our group consists of my son & his friends, who are in their mid-teens, with a couple of us older codgers involved too. One of the great things I find about the game is that it doesn’t really encourage the kill, loot, level-up mindset you get with some rpgs, and your fellowship has to look out for one another if want to survive.
        Glad you liked the blog 🙂

        Stay Special,

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  2. Cool. All I know about One Ring at the moment comes from conversations with RpgGamerUncle – but it sounds great. He said it emphasises the sense of fellowship and storytelling in between adventures which sounds very cool. He’s going to roll up some characters and we will play a few sessions later this year (planning either that or Starwars as our next longer-than-a-one-shot game).

    I actually recorded another session of the Mass Effect game which was very character-driven and have plans to release it at some point. The trouble is that those guys have been playing their campaign for months if not years now. The story is awesome but also very, very complicated. I had 6 pages of crib notes before going into the first session and even then go super confused about some stuff. I’m a bit stumped as to how to run it on the podcast without 60 minutes of explanation beforehand! Something to come back to, I think, with a fresh eye.


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