Blogpost – RpgGamerBoy, First Time GM

My latest article for the Mad Adventurers Society is a good’un: ‘First Time GM’

– how RpgGamerBoy GMed his first session (before he could read!)



Blogpost – ‘Scenes Of Chance’ Cards

‘Scenes Of Chance’ is a large-format deck of cards produced by Twizz Entertainment. Each card pictures a fantasy-genre location. RpgGamerBoy and I used them to improvise an RPG-style adventure, drawing inspiration from the cards and the icons at the bottom. The quotes after each card are some of the random events we generated by rolling on the icon tables.

Card #1 – A ghostly eye stealthily tracks the party

Cave Complex

The adventurers make their way through a labyrinthine cave-complex. They are followed by a large floating eye which stares balefully at them. It is the eye of Lafu – the evil sorceror, long dead but now returning piece by piece. They chase it but cannot catch it – it moves away, matching their speed exactly.

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