Ep 49 – We Are Mad Adventurers

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– Part 2 of our actual play session of RpgGamerKids RPG. We playtest our own game using starter adventure Starflip and the Pirates of Pluto (still available for free on our website).

– A round-table interview with not one, not two, three or four but five contrbutors to the Mad Adventurers’ Society (Brian Fiddleback, The Brometheus, Jay Draper, Nick Wattanabe, and Sammy Vlade Psyker). Find out more about the amazing Mad Adventurers’ Society at MadAdventurers.com

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Blogpost – A Short Article About Brevity (and Hero Kids RPG)


A new Mad Adventurers’ Society article about short gaming sessions with kids – and how much we enjoyed our first game of Hero Kids RPG. Click here to read the rest of this article over at the Mad Adventurers’ Society.