Blogpost – The Extended Brief Life of King Arthur (unabridged)

RpgGamerMum posted part 2 of her increasingly inaptly named ‘Brief Milestones of King Arthur’ on her blog. This is the expansion of a feature in RpgGamerDad Podcast episode 50:

So, Arthur has become king, everyone now knows who his parents were and he has proved himself so that is that. Now we get to all the knightly doings and the familiar characters are introduced: Guinevere, Lancelot, Morgan le Fay etc.

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Blogpost – RpgGamerMum FTW

There are not one, not two, but three amazing new posts up on RpgGamerMum’s blog. Something for everyone:

Brief Milestones of King Arthur – expanding the feature we recorded for episode 50.


A Spell To Bring Good Fortune – I love this series of fictional spells and you will too.


RpgGamerGirl Says… – RpgGamerGirl’s stream-of-consciousness tale of Princess Ponywony who finds a dragon. (GamerGirl likes to get involved with the tabletop gaming but – at the tender age of 3 – has no interest in rules or GM fiat. She just tells the story how she wants it.)

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Ep 50 – Happy 1st Birthday

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– A celebration of our 1st birthday with a plethora of lovely guest contributions and thanks to our first patrons.

– RpgGamerMum summarises the life of King Arthur (according to Mallory) and we discuss the gaming ideas it throws out.

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