Blogpost – Signing Off (For Now)

An article I wrote for the Mad Adventurers’ Society saying goodbye for now (as we, the RpgGamerFamily, take a break for a little while) and sending you off with some pretty good gaming tips and ideas.

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Blogpost – A Year In Gaming

In episode 50 we celebrated one year of the RpgGamerDad Podcast. I’ve been writing a series of articles for the Mad Adventurers’ Society summarising the gaming we have done with the GamerKids and, with the benefit of hindsight, casting an eye over how well it worked out. Parts 1 and 2 are already out with part 3 coming soon.

RpgGamerDad- A Year in Gaming Part 1

RpgGamerDad – A Year in Gaming Part 2


Blogpost – The Extended Brief Life of King Arthur (unabridged)

RpgGamerMum posted part 2 of her increasingly inaptly named ‘Brief Milestones of King Arthur’ on her blog. This is the expansion of a feature in RpgGamerDad Podcast episode 50:

So, Arthur has become king, everyone now knows who his parents were and he has proved himself so that is that. Now we get to all the knightly doings and the familiar characters are introduced: Guinevere, Lancelot, Morgan le Fay etc.

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Blogpost – Micro-Sessions

We’ve been trying out something a bit different this week in the RpgGamerFamily household. Not very different – just a little bit. It’s  basically a continuation of the idea I put forward in my article about HeroKids RPG – that short sessions are probably the right way to go when gaming with young kids. This week we (by which I mean 6-year-old RpgGamerBoy and myself) have been playing lots of micro-sessions weighing in at about twenty minutes long…

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