Blogpost – Best HeroQuest Session!

This was really, really fun and exciting and I’m very glad we recorded it – because that means we will eventually feature it on RpgGamerDad podcast or in our bonus archive – which we are gradually building up for who-knows-what purpose!

Things didn’t start well – we played the published adventure Melar’s Maze but RpgGamerBoy wasn’t enjoying himself and we called it after 15 minutes.


I didn’t want him to drift straight into watching Minecraft videos on Youtube so I suggested he draw his own dungeon map. Which he did. It was cool.

Then we decided to print out a blank HeroQuest map for him to fill with his own adventure. Which he did. He got very excited about this and insisted I laminate the sheet of paper. (This is a sure sign he is invested in a project!)

By now it was past his bedtime but he was desperate to GM his game for me – and it was Saturday so we went with it and had an amazing time. His adventure was wacky and fun with some really awesome imaginative features and a high level of craziness – which we both found hilarious. We didn’t finish the dungeon, though.


So, the next morning at 5:30am he leaps into our bed. He is shouting:

‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, where’s my HeroQuest map – I’ve got more ideas!’


I tell him where to look and he runs off downstairs, happy. I sleep on until 7am.

When I eventually head downstairs, he is watching Minecraft videos on Youtube (which is normal). What is NOT normal is that he instantly switches the computer off when he sees me. He says,

‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, let’s play the second part of my adventure!’

I look at RpgGamerGirl, calculate the odds of success as slim-to-none and say,

‘Maybe tonight when GamerGirl is in bed.’


Seeing the look of crushing disappointment on his face, I change my mind and agree. We get going – more fun, more craziness, insane amounts of loot and a lot of input from GamerGirl (she adds HeroQuest furniture to the board and GamerBoy incorporates it into his story). Eventually the Heroes win the day, garnering an absolutely ridiculous amount of loot.

If you want RIDICULOUSLY overpowered special items, game with a 6-year-old GM.

Our OP Loot List

A 1-Use-Per-Dungeon Armoured Fighting Giraffe

A Flying Animated Sword (+6 Attack Dice)

A Hat of Headbutting (+4 Attack Dice)

Another Flying Animated Sword (+4 Attack Dice)

A Chainsaw of Boss-Killing (+8 Attack vs Bosses)

An Animated Treasure Chest (GamerBoy hasn’t read Discworld books yet!)

1000 Gold Pieces

Also: 2 Shields, 2 Swords, 1 Lock/Unlock Spell, 1 Dagger, 2 Ball-and-Chains, 1 Fireball Spell, 32 Pit-Trap Spells, 1 Potion of Poison, 1 Potion of Speed, 3 Potions of Strength, A Tome of Weapon-Repairing.

We have already started designing the next adventure together. RpgGamerMum and -Girl will be the players. Watch this space!


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