Ep 38 – Fate Accelerated, Outer Wastes Pt3

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The concluding part of our Fate Accelerated Actual-Play:

Featuring SharkbonePodcast.com & TheRpgAcademy.com with

– Christopher Eldritch Fire as The GM

– Sharkbone Devon as Tom: A Capable Leader

– The Caleb G as: Mr Catch: He Keeps Secrets… Until He Sells Them

– Michael (aka Matthew) as: Sebastian: The Idiot Savant

– William as Roo: The Waif From The Rush

& RpgGamerDad as: Liebowitz Sinclair: The Smooth-Talking Apocalypse Cowboy

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RpgGamerDad Podcast: We wanted ‘Gritty’ but we ended up with ‘Wacky’.


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