Blogpost – Rory’s Story Cubes Roleplaying Game


A write-up of the awesome story-dice game we recently recorded for the podcast…

We had some lovely feedback for this chaotic game at the end of episode 37 including this inspired comment from Bob on twitter:

The story dice game at the end of this wk’s RpgGamerDad was a bit like Twin Peaks. No idea what was going on but pretty sure I liked it.

Awesome! And that motivated us to recreate the dice we rolled, take some photos and put up this blogpost which hopefully sheds some light on the story cube shenanigans!

For those who are interested to try the same, we used Rory’s Story Cubes and the specific game we were playing is based on rules devised by Brian of the Mad Adventurers Society.

Act I: ‘Once Upon A Time’



Once there was a small monster called Prompy (although she called herself ‘me’). She was the smallest of the monsters and felt sad because she wanted to be big and strong like the others. She decided to go on a journey to learn how to become super-buff and confident.



Over the hill and far away, there was a small scorpion called Bompy. He received a letter. A nasty letter! A letter that said someone or something was coming to get him! He was afraid and, to conquer his fear, started to build a protective wall all around himself.

Through a gap in the wall he saw Prompy the small monster approaching over the hill. Prompy, being a monster, let out a great roar!

Act II: ‘Look Out!’



As Prompy wandered over the hill roaring to herself and Bompy hurriedly put the finishing touches on his protective roof, the world began to turn dark. Looking up they saw the outline of a giant celestial wolf eating the sun. It finished in one great gulp and the world was plunged into perpetual night!

[The fire represents the sun. The handshake is saved for later.]



Looking up, terrified, Prompy and Bompy saw the outline of a celestial pterodactyl as it swallowed up the moon and stars. Now the world was plunged into pitch blackness. But, through the hole in the wall, Prompy the small monster felt the presence of another creature – Bompy the small scorpion. Prompy said the only word she had ever said,


and then suddenly found herself saying another word she did not know before,


and Prompy and Bompy fell in love.

[The apple represents the moon for some reason! The handshake from earlier is used for friendship/love. The snapping object is saved for later.]

Act III: ‘The End…’



Prompy the small monster suddenly felt stronger and capable of dealing with the problems surrounding her. She picked up a heavy boulder and threw it into the sky towards the outline of the celestial wolf. As it flew through the air, the boulder was struck by lightning and a strange magic took hold of it. It hit the celestial wolf which burst into a shower of stars.

The stars split into two groups. One half stayed in this hemisphere while the other journeyed to the opposite side of the world. These became the new pattern of stars.

[The breaking object from earlier is used for the wolf splitting in two. The well represents a ‘bed-cave’ according to RpgGamerGirl. But we never figure out what the ‘bed-cave’ is or what it has to do with the story.]



The pterodactyl begins to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk – although no-one knows of what because the language is too ancient to be understood. It talks so much that it bursts and the moon drops out of its stomach and lands on the earth. Prompy throws the moon into the sky again where it remains floating as it used to.

The new stars and moon and the sun that comes from lightning turn this stagnant, barren land fertile once again. Pretty flowers grow and lovely trees and lots of delicious fruits for Prompy and Bompy to eat on their wedding day. And so ends the tale of Prompy the small monster and Bompy the small scorpion.

For now at least…


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