Blogpost – Fathers’ Day

I’ve been going big on the family gaming because of exciting developments in the world of kid-friendly roleplaying games. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of grown-up stuff in the mix too including: a D6 Starwars game written by RpgGamerUncle, more RpgGamerMum Reads Ancient Tomes So You Don’t Have To, a bunch of awesome interviews with game-designers, authors, other geeky types and whole lot more. Coming soon to RpgGamerDad Podcast.

Now, I’m not normally very big on Fathers’ Day but today has been pretty cool so I thought I’d write a short post about it. A much-needed lie-in until 8:30am, very strong coffee, freshly home-baked rolls and some lovely presents:


Strawberries (from the garden), a rose (from the garden), ginger dark chocolate (from the shop) and two stories written and illustrated by my kids.

This is the (heavily minecraft-inspired) story RpgGamerBoy wrote:


To read on, click here:

2015_06-miner-and-the-monsters2 2015_06-miner-and-the-monsters3 2015_06-miner-and-the-monsters4 2015_06-miner-and-the-monsters5 2015_06-miner-and-the-monsters6

In the afternoon we playtested the second ‘No, Thank You Evil!’ adventure. This went well initially but we had to pause when RpgGamerGirl got impatient. (She is only two, after all)


We finished up later with RpgGamerMum playing Princess Aishey. It was pretty awesome with loads of action, cool imaginative stuff and improvisation!


Depending on Non-Disclosure Agreement details, this may feature on RpgGamerDad Podcast soon, or we may have to wait until ‘No Thank You, Evil!’ is officially released. Thanks for reading and listening!


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