Ep 32 – Cthulhu Gaslight Pt6

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The final part of our Cthulhu Gaslight Actual-Play:

In this episode:

A scenario written by RpgGamerUncle featuring:

RpgGamerUncle as the GM.

RpgGamerDad as:

Anton Von Woehlbruck – a minor Austro-Hungarian aristocrat.

& Dr Penelope MacKenzie – a Vicorian-era lady academic.

and introducing Martin as:

Inspector Hart-Darkly – the muscle with a dark past.

& Basil Raventhwaite – a down-at-heel adventurer.

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2 thoughts on “Ep 32 – Cthulhu Gaslight Pt6

  1. Very cool! No way I’m I letting my kids listen to that Actual Play for a while – but I definitely think RpgGamerBoy’s interest in Cthulhu was piqued by the Surreal Dungeon Crawl Brainstorm in episode 23. Right now we are in Minecraft-party territory.


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