Blogpost – The Maps of Hypnogoria

Podcast Episode 19 features a very interesting interview with Mr Jim Moon of the fabulously eccentric Hypnogoria Podcast. These are some of RPG gaming-related maps he sent me after the interview. I love old-skool maps so I thought I’d put them up as eye-candy. Thanks Jim! Click on the maps to enlarge them.

midgard 1

‘An old map of the main adventure home base area, the ancient cities of Arkage and Shipton.’

I’m planning to use that one to improvise a single gaming session. Role up some characters, pick a starting point, I’ll throw out some plot hooks and the players can decide where they want to go. I think the visual aspect of the map will really help us come up with some awesome story ideas.

‘Quick snap of the big and battered old map I’ve used for many campaigns over the years.’

2014-12-13 12.01.01

‘A map done in Dunjinni, based on a black map that came with one of the 3rd edition D&D introductory starter boxes if I recall rightly. Actually fairly self explanatory – an ogre and his crew of goblins and bugbears are holed up here, with ambush points by the entrance and have blocked some areas of the shrine complex to pen in roaming undead and a gelatinous cube!’

ogres shrine2


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