Blogpost – World Building Activities

Here are some of the world-building activities referred to in podcast Episode 15:


Playing ‘The Debatable Lands’ one of two world-building boardgames that RpgGamerMum made me for Christmas. She also made custom dice and pieces representing the family.

Dungeon-building exploits with RpgGamerBoy (we build the dungeon out of modular scenery and then make up its history). We also added in the terrain-boards that I made him for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Playing a roleplaying game with RpgGamerBoy as Gamesmaster, improvising the world and the story based on inspiration from ‘Scenes of Chance’ cards.

(Unpictured) playing Microscope RPG by as interviewed on Ep#15.

DSCF1885 DSCF1891


DSCF2016 DSCF2019DSCF2028


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