Ep 14 – Savage Worlds and Mass Effect Pt 3

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In this episode:

RpgGamerDad joins GM Florian & his band of big-damn-space-heroes for one session of their Savage Worlds campaign set in the universe of the Mass Effect video game.

Featuring: A whole bunch of evil robot Geth and…

RpgGamerDad as Harry – human mercenary hired in for one dangerous mission.

Simon as Sapphire – stunningly beautiful Asari (blue-skinned alien), expert hacker.

Rob as Penderyn – Turian alcoholic. Unpredictable but very handy in a fight.

Dan as Feng – experimented on as a child to release his powerful telekinetic abilities.

& introducing Andrea as Dr Rahel Morgenstern – all-round scary badass.

RpgGamerDad Podcast: Inspiring the family through tabletop gaming.


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