Blogpost – Joining the Rpg Academy Network

Exciting times! RpgGamerDad podcast has joined the Rpg Academy Network!


We featured The Rpg Academy (aka Michael and Caleb) in a big, juicy interview in Episode 9. It was great to chat to them about all things RPG-related and a huge honour to be asked to join their fledgling network.

What does this mean in practical terms? Well, essentially that we will be working closely together in future:

We have another interview lined up with Caleb as part of our forthcoming ‘Mythos Month’ focussing on all things Cthulhu and Lovecraft. There are also plans to do some gaming together which may well end up on one or both podcasts at some point.

We also know that the Rpg Academy are very keen to expand beyond the podcasting world and branch out into many other areas, not least the writing of game modules – which is something we also have our eye on here at RpgGamerDad.

So… watch this space. 2015 is going to bring exciting times for us all, I’m sure.


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