Blogpost – ‘Scenes Of Chance’ Cards

‘Scenes Of Chance’ is a large-format deck of cards produced by Twizz Entertainment. Each card pictures a fantasy-genre location. RpgGamerBoy and I used them to improvise an RPG-style adventure, drawing inspiration from the cards and the icons at the bottom. The quotes after each card are some of the random events we generated by rolling on the icon tables.

Card #1 – A ghostly eye stealthily tracks the party

Cave Complex

The adventurers make their way through a labyrinthine cave-complex. They are followed by a large floating eye which stares balefully at them. It is the eye of Lafu – the evil sorceror, long dead but now returning piece by piece. They chase it but cannot catch it – it moves away, matching their speed exactly.

Card #2- The doors slam shut as gas pours in

Rocky Castle

Finding the centre of the labyrinth, they ascend a staircase but become caught in a trap between two portcullises. The chamber fills with poison gas but the adventurers escape by leaping onto a throne which rises as if buoyed up by the gas.

The throne swoops out of the window and attempts to drop the heroes into the rocky sea below but miscalculates and impales itself on a spire. The heroes are stuck although their destination, an enchanted market, is only a few yards away, at the summit of the largest spire.

The queen of the enchanted market calls across, asking them their business. They tell her that they come with gold hoping to buy the magical weapon which can defeat Lafu – the evil sorceror.

Hearing this, the queen uses her magic to levitate them to safety and takes their gold. She does not have the weapon but can tell them where and how to get it.

Card #3 – Broken glasses reveal hidden runes


Following her instructions, the adventurers descend a staircase and reach a jail-room. There, hidden, they find a locked chest but cannot open it with lock-picks or force. Then, one of the party – a bookish type – realises that his pair of spectacles (broken in the course of the adventure) has begun to show him invisible runes. He reads the runes inscribed on the chest and it opens.

Inside is a small metal disk. Is this the weapon they seek? Perhaps it is for, as soon as one of them holds it, the eye of Lafu rushes into the room and bursts, releasing a huge stinging cloud of poison-flies. The adventurers flee in panic and the cloud of deadly flies draws closer and closer.

Card #4 – A world eater sleeps deep in a mountain

Caves Again

As they run, the party begin to hear a whispered chant of ‘Lafu must be defeated’.

The whisper becomes a roar and they realise it is the voices of the ghosts of every creature Lafu ever destroyed. The roar becomes a wind and the wind carries them ever faster into a great cavern where a single, stunted tree grows. The roaring wind shatters the tree and reveals the deep well hidden beneath it.

The heroes leap into the well, their descent slowed by the ghostly wind. Hidden at the bottom, they find the bones of Lafu – the evil sorceror. The cloud of flies races to kill them but, the magical metal disc leaps into the hands of one of the heroes and expands, becoming a shield against the flies.

While he holds the flies at bay, the others grind the bones of Lafu into dust and the flies disappear. The roaring tide of voices becomes a whisper again and says,

‘Lafu is no more,’

before dying away to nothing with a satisfied sigh.

Card #5 – Beautiful berries heal when consumed


On their return journey, the adventurers find healing berries growing the forest. As they eat and heal, they see that the land around them is healing. Healthy plants and trees begin to grow and animals return to the once desolate landscape.

Lafu is no more.


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