Blogpost – HeroQuest

This map details the events of our HeroQuest Actual Play session in Ep.3 and Ep.5 of RpgGamerDad Podcast. We played ‘The Trial’ – the first adventure from the original core HeroQuest box.


What The Heroes Do

1. The Heroes descend the staircase and arrive here. Gotime the Barbarian exits first and kills the goblin who has been put to sleep by Grimbor the Wizard.
2. Gobomb the Dwarf stops to listen at the keyhole. He overhears Morka & Morkasquawg the Orcs plotting to rebel against Verag the Gargoyle – their boss.
3. Through the walls, the Heroes hear Morka & Morkasquawg attacking the goblin and the fimir in the room to their left. They hear deep voices from the room on the right and elect to move on. Grimbor summons a genie (at point G) to hold the door closed and force Morka and Morkasquawg to turn back.
4. This corridor has been swept clean and the door has a golden handle. The Heroes pass by and Gilthariel the Elf overhears Verag in the central chamber. Gilthariel hides as two Chaos Warriors exit the room to begin a patrol.
5.The Heroes realise they are going in a circle. They hear the sounds of battle as the two Chaos Warriors see the genie and charge in to attack.
6. The final showdown.Returning to the central chamber now that they know the chaos warriors are elsewhere, the Heroes take on Verag and the fimir.

What Morka & Morkaquawg Do

1. Morka & Morkasquawg the Orcs discuss rebelling against Verag.
2. The rebellious Orcs surprise attack the goblin & fimir and defeat them easily.
3. The rebellious Orcs see the goblin on patrol and shoot him with a crossbow
4. Morka & Morkasqauwg hear Clango & Bongo also discussing a rebellion. They join forces.

For some excellent HeroQuest resources (maps, adventures, cool downloads) check out:


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