Blogpost – ‘The Grotto’

As featured in our Story Game Sunday in RpgGamerDad Podcast Episode 2

In our Story Game Sunday sessions, RpgGamerBoy and I roleplay our way through an improvised scenario with virtually no rules and then I write it up as a short story. Episode 2 ‘The Grotto’ was inspired by a trip to Stourhead Palladian Mansion.

The Grotto

The Grotto

The Red Ranger and the Skeleton King made their way through the forest. It was dark and dangerous because bandits and all manner of monsters roamed the woods attacking unwary travellers but the Ranger and the Skeleton King were not afraid. Behind them were thirty fine fighting men and ladies and, even without these soldiers, they would not have been worried. The Ranger and the Skeleton King had just faced the Dragon Lord and, even if they had not technically vanquished him, they had scared him away so they knew they could easily see off a few wolves or goblins. The Ranger was, however, a little worried about another matter. He had promised Lord Stourhead the scales of a dragon to make into a fine set of armour – but he did not have the scales of a dragon. He had defeated the Dragon Lord using trickery to make him fly away in fear instead of killing him and now he was worried what Lord Stourhead would say…

Read the rest of The Grotto


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