Blogpost – The Continuing Adventures of Meteor Man

As featured in RpgGamerDad Podcast Episode #2

We were planning to leave Meteor Man out of Episode #2 and bring him back for #3 but we got lots of positive feedback about the story dice session so we decided to continue immediately. Not bad for a character that RpgGamerBoy came up with spontaneously when I put him on the spot in our Episode #1 session.

Meteor man Story Dice

These are the dice we rolled (Rory’s Story Cubes, in case you missed the first post on these). We threw a few Actions Dice into the mix as well as the Prehistoria set. The Actions set always seems to make it much trickier but we like a challenge – and actually, what we rolled fit really well with the story and pushed it in some interesting directions.

This is a sketch RpgGamerMum did of Meteor Man In Glorious Technicolor…


…and Claudia Raumschiff’s spaceship which we have since named the Icarus.

Icarus Horizontal

There will be an update on the situation with Meteor Man in Episode #3 of RpgGamerDad Podcast due out Saturday 25th October. Be sure to tune in.


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