Blogpost: The Oil Mines of the Pygmy-Trolls

The nights are drawing in, the weather is getting colder and so, inexplicably, I start wanting to make dungeon scenery and paint miniatures.

For the rest of the year I am happy to keep my roleplaying games in the Theatre Of The Mind but, come October, I want to get modelling. RpgGamerBoy and I have some exciting projects planned but we’re saving them for the really cold weather.

For now we got things going by pulling out old boxes of scenery and making an epic dungeon on the dining table.


…and because we are always aiming to be imaginative and creative, we (mostly RpgGamerBoy) invented the story of the dungeon –

Why is it here? What is in it? What does the future hold?

Here is the story of:

The Oil Mines of the Pygmy-Trolls

The cave-complex was made by Pygmy-Trolls mining for oil. They need the oil to make fuel for their machines – mainly mechanised weapons such as chainsaws and siege-catapults. Because they are small and physically weak, the Pygmy-Trolls have evolved to be very intelligent unlike normal-sized trolls. They are particularly suited to technological invention – their technology is far in advance of anything else in the medieval, high-fantasy land.

The mines were a failure – the Pygmy-Trolls found no oil and moved on. The caves are now unoccupied and full of abandoned technology which the Pygmy-Trolls consider too basic to be worth carrying away.

Jolivet, an evil sorceror sends a team of his best zombies to retrieve the machines – believing them to be a new type of magic. The Heroes Of The Story must stop Jolivet from getting his evil hands on the technology which might tip the balance of power in his favour.

I can’t wait to play a game in this setting and write a story about it

– it sounds awesome.

 oil mines


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