Blogpost: ‘The Tower’

As featured in our Story Game Sunday in RpgGamerDad Podcast Episode 1

A childrens’ story write-up of a gaming session with RpgGamerBoy inspired by a trip to King Alfred’s Tower in Stourhead, UK.

The Tower

The Tower

The wizard was old and tired and he made his way through the forest very slowly. Eventually he found what he was looking for – a stone tower many, many times taller than the tallest tree. It had only one door and no windows so the wizard knocked but there was no answer. He waited a minute and knocked again but there was still no answer. He examined the tower again looking for clues. There was a statue of a man above the door but the statue was ordinary and did not reveal any secrets. There was writing carved in the stones above the door but the wizard, although he spoke twelve languages, did not recognise the writing and could not read it – so he decided he must break into the tower…

Read the rest of The Tower


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