Blogpost: Rory’s Story Cubes

As featured in our Meteor Man Actual Play in RpgGamerDad Podcast Episode 1

These dice are very common – you’ve probably seen them in book shops as well as gaming stores. You roll 9 dice and use the pictures to come up with a story. We sometimes play like this over breakfast. We have 4 sets:

Story Dice

Core (for the whole family),
Actions (RpgGamerDad),
Prehistoria (RpgGamerBoy),
Fairytale (RpgGamerGirl).

PROs: Fun, quick, easy.
Good if you’re short of ideas.
Satisfyingly chunky.

CONs: Limit your imagination.
Action set is not so useful.

Image (below) is what we rolled in our Meteor Man Actual Play in Podcast Episode 1.


* Roll a story dice instead of a number dice – then quickly interpret as a group what it means. Great for descriptive combat.

* GM needing an NPC in a hurry? Roll 3 dice and assign them to 3 categories:

Past – NPC’s backstory?

Present – NPC’s current motivation?

Future – NPC’s goal?



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